The semiconductor industry is in transition. It is facing challenges with the evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT) and emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Cost is another factor driving change.

“Chip design projects that once cost a few tens of millions of dollars a decade ago have climbed as much as $200 million,” according to the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). Challenges will only continue in the future with the materialization of smart-cities and other new technology advances.

Open Source development will impact new processor technologies by drawing on the collective intelligence and creativity of a vast pool of talented coders, thus helping fulfill the demand.

In light of these changes, semiconductor companies are accepting the Open Source approach. They are positioning themselves to better compete across multiple verticals, including cloud-based computing, AI, self-driving vehicles and others. Semiconductor firms, including BroadcomCirrus Logic International (UK) Ltd., Cavium (acquired by Marvell Technology)DSP Group, and VIA are also joining the Open Invention Network.

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The OIN membership supports Kontron on many levels. With our focus on building out our IoT framework, it makes perfect sense to be a part of an open source community that protects the rights of all members within the community, especially to reduce our patent risk around Linux related technology.  
Jens WiegandCTO / EVP Software & ElectronicsKontron